Recently the fresh fish trawler Hringur went trawling on very shallow water with the airlock active, with particularly good results.  They turned around and they even tried towing in a circle, and all the time the EKKÓ trawl doors were standing upright with warp three times longer than the depth.  A suitable fishing method for fishing on shallow water after demersal fish, lobster, or shrimp.

The EKKÓ doors are double.  This is a simple air lock that can be turned on and off.

When air is in the space at the top of the doors, it works against its own weight, so the doors hover on or just above the bottom.  The airlock is activated by simply inserting a screw bolt into the top plate and deactivated by removing the screw bolt.

The airlock is one of EKKÓ’s new innovations in international patent process.  The patenting process has taken it´s time since 2015, and only now have the first results reached us, with the first three replies, all positive and accepted in two countries by 2020.